If you are already convinced that natural is the way to go, then YAY, please keep reading! If you are wondering why on earth someone would ever switch from Secret to some brand you’ve never heard of, please refer back to my earlier post : Let’s Talk About Pits, Baby! 

Okay, now that everyone is up to speed, let’s talk about natural deodorant. I know what you’re thinking, I’m all for going natural, but I don’t want to stink–that’s not glamorous! Listen, I completely get it and had that same fear, but fear not my beautiful butterfly, I can promise you there is more than one brand on this list that will work for you.



Overall Rating: 8.5/10 — Love this brand, love the price, love the different scents to keep odor at bay, just wish there were more sensitive formula scent options.

Price: $$ — At $12 for 2.65 oz. this is one of the more affordable brands, plus Native offers free shipping and returns. Click here for a free travel size sample on your first order!

Funk Factor: 9/10 — Native does a great job of fending off odor even during the hottest days. I love that they have several different scents and even offer seasonal scents including Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Sensitivity Notes: Like many natural deodorants, one of the main ingredients in Native is baking soda. This can cause some to have a reaction as the texture is almost gritty when it goes on. You may notice dry patches of skin or redness underarms if you have an adverse reaction. Great news though, they now have a sensitive formula without baking soda!! Sensitive skin users, rejoice!







Overall Rating: 6.5/10 — The Lavender Citrus smell is heavenly and it does what it needs to do, however if baking soda irritates your skin the only option is unscented. Freedom comes in quite pricey and is smaller size than some others as well, which earns it a lesser overall rating.

Price: $$$ — $16.79 per 1.9 oz. Shipping price varies, per location, but is typically around $5. They do donate to breast cancer research, so I can get behind that. Use code “tryus” to receive 20% off your first order via Freedom’s site.

Funk Factor: 8/10 — I noticed little to no funk after using even after an intense workout and stressful presentation. With scents like Lavender Citrus, Bergamot Mint, and Frankincense peach, it’s easy to find an appealing scent for male or female.

Sensitivity Notes: Sensitive skin formula available, but it’s an unscented version.






Piper Wai

Overall Rating: 9/10 — This product was featured on Shark Tank and the only reason I didn’t give this the full 10 is due to price and limited scent options. Everything else is fantastic, and I’m so excited they recently started selling the stick version, but they do still offer the jar as well.

Price: $$$ — $16.99 per 2.7 oz. Shipping price varies, per location, but is typically around $4. Click here for 15% off your order, courtesy of Naturally Glamorous, or use promo code “SAMPLE”.

Funk Factor: 10/10 — Absolutely ZERO funk. The only thing that takes some getting used to is the gender neutral scent, which to me smells a bit like Listerine, but does an incredible job of keeping you fresh all day long.

Sensitivity Notes: Since it is made with activated charcoal, there is no reason to worry if you have sensitive skin. The formula is super gentle and nourishing on skin. Bonus…the charcoal helps absorb wetness and requires no drying after applying.







Overall Rating: 7.5/10 — Pretty packaging, easy to apply, and tons of different scents including a Sport Luxe version for those extra active rockstars. A higher price tag and gritty texture lower the overall rating, however I especially love that they also sell fragrance and am dying to try the Pure Vanilla Fragrance!

Price: $$ — $14 per 2 oz. Shipping price varies, per location, but is typically around $4. They have a great rewards system that allows you to get points to use towards products by completing simple tasks like following on social media, etc. Click here to jump start and get rewards just for signing up!

Funk Factor: 8.5/10 — Although I didn’t notice any major stank after using this, I didn’t feel as fresh as some of the others. It mostly lasts all day, but after several hours and some intense heat, I felt the need to reapply to keep everything at bay.

Sensitivity Notes: There is no baking soda included, however Lavanila uses a variety of coconut and corn derived ingredients which means it applies with almost a gritty texture. I noticed some slight redness after using consistently, but nothing major.





Overall Rating: 9/10 — Eight different scents inspired by everything from delicious foods like Coconut and Pineapple to more earthy scents like Earth + Wood. Schmidt’s offers both stick and jar options filled with their award-winning formulas derived from plants and minerals only. Low price point, lots of options, and sensitive formulas earn this deodorant nearly a perfect 10.

Price: $ — $8.99 per 3.25 oz. Affordable price + largest stick size = winning! They also sell at local retailers such as Target, so the convenience factor is high as well. Additional perks include discounts for subscribers, free shipping, plus free jars if you join their recycling program. Use code “SUMMERTIME” for 20% off your order via Schmidt’s website. Code “SHIPITTOME” will get you free shipping!

Funk Factor: 9.5/10 — Rose + Vanilla is my favorite scent, closely followed by the Lavender + Sage. Both survived extended work days, running around in 85 degree heat, and a workout with no need to reapply. B.O. be gone when using this brand of natural deodorant.

Sensitivity Notes: Schmidt’s original formulas are crafted with baking soda as the main ingredient. This can cause major irritation if you have sensitive skin. I wouldn’t consider myself to have overly sensitive skin, but definitely had redness with this version. The good news is they have a Sensitive Free Formula which I highly recommend in some of the same amazing scents. Also, they just launched a brand new Charcoal + Magnesium stick that I’m hoping works similarly to Piper Wai in absorbing wetness!


Tom’s of Maine

Overall Rating: 7/10 — Eight different scents inspired by everything from delicious foods like Coconut and Pineapple to more earthy scents like Earth + Wood. Schmidt’s offers both stick and jar options filled with their award-winning formulas derived from plants and minerals only. Convenient to purchase, but lacks the punch it promises during those really humid days.

Price: $ — $3 to $5 depending on where you purchase from per 2.25 oz. Super affordable and widely distributed to supermarkets and grocery stores alike. You can find Tom’s everywhere from Amazon to Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and more

Funk Factor: 7/10 — Although “long lasting” is specified on certain formulas, I found myself constantly checking to ensure no major odor was happening throughout a super humid day. The lavender scent seemed to disappear from the plant extracts shortly after applying leaving me concerned about freshness.

Sensitivity Notes: Aloe and sunflower seed oil help lock in moisture, making most formulas easy to use for those even with sensitive skin. Be cautious when purchasing Tom’s formulas as they do offer Antiperspirant versions which contain Talc and Aluminum which makes those versions reason for concern.




Nature Love

Overall Rating: 6/10 — Minimal scents, hard to find and order, short-lived freshness, but affordable.

Price: $ — $12 per 2.6 oz. I have found this at Tj Maxx for $3.99, which is where I originally purchased though, which makes this version one of the cheapest by far.

Funk Factor: 5/10 — The main ingredient is Aloe and smells fine initially, but after a one hour workout, I felt like I needed to immediately shower or apply something to freshen up. I didn’t notice any major smell, but after running some errands, I couldn’t wait to get home and shower.

Sensitivity Notes: The aloe keeps any redness from occurring, however the wetness protection and overall attempt at masking odor, did not work at all. I would only recommend using this if light activity was occurring or during cooler months.


So, what is your favorite brand of natural deodorant?