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This is a multi-part post which will attempt to compile all of my most favorite non-toxic products and brands in one consolidated space. Please know that I am not being reimbursed or paid by any of these brands or manufacturers. Simply sharing the love of what I’ve tried, am currently using, and/or would recommend. Think of this as the ultimate girl chat sesh where you ask your bestie for their must-have products they absolutely swear by!

In case you are new to the non-toxic world, please be sure to check out our About Us page and Why Non-Toxic for additional details on how this journey began, and why I feel it is important for everyone to make these essential swaps.

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Remember, if you want to check the products you are currently using, scan your bar codes via the Think Dirty App to determine if it contains any questionable ingredients. All products listed below score 3 or less (unless otherwise noted) via Think Dirty, which means they are squeaky clean and safe for everyday use. Have fun scanning, swapping, and slathering your body with only the best, paraben-free, non-toxic beauty.

Happy shopping, darling!



Neck Care 


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Body Cleanser and Scrubs


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Body Moisturizer


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Foot Care


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Sun Protection


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Hair Styling Products


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  • Currently Using:
    • Kenra Professional; Volume Spray 25 
      • **NOT CLEAN** This product rates 9 on Think Dirty due to the Parfum/Fragrance ingredient. It also contains PEG/PPG-17/18 Dimethicone which is a known irritant when contact with sensitive areas. Please see below note.
  • Have Tried:
  • Also Recommend:
    • The brands mentioned above that I have tried, I would definitely recommend. All the brands are clean, paraben-free and do provide some hold, just not the type of hold I’m used to and want. 
  • Notes:
    • Nearly all of my products have been swapped to non-toxic (as you can see from these lists) and it is super important to me to minimize the risk I expose myself to on a daily basis. With that being said, I want to be completely transparent in the fact that I have tried a lot of hairsprays (some I didn’t even mention above because I literally cannot remember all that I’ve purchased and tried) to get the big hair I desire, and none have come even close to holding my hair like Kenra or any other aerosol can does. I have definitely minimized the amount I use and take extra precautions not to inhale while spraying, but am still in search of a natural hairspray that can give me the desired all day hold I need to withstand NYC humidity. I’m hopeful I will one day find a spray that passes my test of being clean and provide all day hold. When I do, you will be the first to know! 


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What are some of your favorite neck + body + hair care products? Have you found a less toxic hairspray that works as well as aerosol brands? Comment below.