Mom’s always have your back. Thanks for having mine, Mama. Xoxo


Mom’s are pretty amazing, am I right?! Mine has shown me what it’s like to be loved unconditionally, supported wholeheartedly, and encouraged to be all that I can be. I’ve been around some pretty awesome mom’s and I know that one day per year, is not nearly enough time to show them all the love and appreciation they truly deserve. I also know that one little gift will not ever repay her for everything she has given to me, but alas, the intent is to help her understand how special and meaningful she is to me.

Here are some gift ideas I’ve put together to help you find something for the extraordinary mom in your life. Take a peak and gather some inspiration for the perfect gift, or treat yourself to something you totally deserve, Momma! 



For the fit Mom


Photo Credit: Carrie Underwood


Is your mom in to working out? Some of the best gift ideas are right under your nose. Check out her favorite gym or spin class and purchase a round of classes so she can get out of the house. No matter how much your momma loves you, trust me, she needs a break every once in a while! 


Photo Credit: Philosophie Website.


Another idea is to purchase her favorite workout supplement. Something to keep her going. I especially like Philosophie Superfood Blends. They are perfect for a post-workout snack or meal when combined with her favorite fruits and veggies. Bonus points if you mix this into a smoothie and serve her breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day morning. 


For the stressed out Mommy



Being a mom is STRESSFUL. As much as it is rewarding, those sweet little angels can stir up some major stress for mom on occasion. Help her take some time for self-care and treat her to a relaxing massage, maybe a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant, or if all else fails, just bring a jug of wine!


Photo Credit: Moon Juice Website


Another favorite of mine is this SuperYou Daily Stress Management by Moon Juice. Four potent Adaptogens combine to create the ultimate stress reliever. This is a natural way to boost energy, cope with stress, and reduce fatigue…all things mom’s could use a little help with. 


For the new Momma



Do you know a mom who is new to this whole thing? She is probably in the midst of being a down-right super hero at the moment. Treat her to whatever she wants and needs. Maybe it’s a long bubble bath, or some time to sleep. Whatever it is, make this Mother’s Day one to remember with lots of love and snuggles from those who appreciate her most. 


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If the new momma you know is breastfeeding, she will love you for treating her with this nursing balm from Erbaviva. It will provide relief and some normalcy back into her routine. The organic formula is super gentle on mom and safe for baby. What more could she ask for?


For the busy Mami



Mom’s do it all. Fixer of boo boos, carpool master, beautiful boss lady, lunch packer, and bedtime rockstar, to name just a few of the hats she wears on a daily basis. Mom’s on the go, need some extra help. Give her an updated bag or help her out with some of the daily chores. She is sure to appreciate the time and assistance to give her some free time back in her busy schedule. 


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To keep the busy mom on-the-go energized, check out my favorite Organifi Green Juice in convenient packets she can toss in her bag while running the world. Coupon code NATASHA15 saves you at checkout. If she was extra good this past year (which she probably was) check out the Organifi Gold as well for her to sleep well after caring for you all day. 


For the zen Mother



Is yoga your mom’s favorite pastime? Update her mat or block if it’s particularly worn. Get her a new tank that is amazing and totally her style, or purchase a few passes for her class so she can skip that bill next month. She will be most appreciative of the time she can spend taking care of herself. 



What could be more zen than a non-toxic eye pencil in a color literally named that! Au Naturale offers a clean alternative to nasty chemical-laced eyeliners in a color sure to make her smile. Help mom look and feel good whether she’s on her way to yoga, or off to conquer another task. 


For the chic Ma


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A chic mom may be into the latest trend, and updating her work bag or favorite staple item would be much appreciated. Look for something that is her favorite color or a perfume that smells as sweet as she acts. 


Photo Credit: Ilia Beauty Website.


My favorite beauty item for the chic and classic mom…the perfect red lipstick. You cannot get more classic and sophisticated. Such an easy way to pull a look together. Help mom with a power lip that is as bold as she is amazing. You won’t regret it! Ilia Lip Conditioner in Crimson and Clover is a top pick. 


For any Mummy


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The gift that keeps on giving, is your time and love. Especially if your mom is far away, show mom you really care and appreciate her with a day spent together doing one of her favorite activities. Go shopping. Enjoy a nice walk. Just be together. She will appreciate the sentiment more than you can imagine. Thank her for being amazing. Treat her like she has always treated you. Love her so hard, it hurts. 

If you are still struggling to find something she will love, you can also check out the Holiday Gift Guide which has tons of non-toxic beauty items on it. My top fave beauty items for hair, for face, and for body are also perfect ideas. Have fun and think of mom when you are shopping. You can’t give her the world, but you can show her that she means the world to you this Mother’s Day with a gift from the heart. 


The most beautiful mom of them all…my own.


Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s, and especially my own. I would be absolutely nothing without her. I am forever grateful for all of the incredibly beautiful, strong, smart, determined, and selfless women who are mothers. I am surrounded by some of the absolute best. Wishing all the mommas so much joy this Mother’s Day, and every other day as well. You deserve the best. You are the best. We appreciate you. We love you.