Alright beauties, this is an exciting time! One step closer to “clean beauty” becoming just “beauty”! With mainstream stores like my personal fave, Target, taking the initiative to bring non-toxic brands to their shelves, it’s easier (and more affordable) than ever. Here’s a few tips to choose the best products, as well as some tips to avoid the products that only look clean, but really contain some pretty garbage ingredients you don’t want on your skin.


Clean beauty comes to Target…drops everything and runs to the nearest store!


Keep reading to find out my top tips to choose true non-toxic products, as well as a list of those top products you can find on the shelves at Target under $20 + a few brands that look clean, but you’ll definitely want to avoid!




Top 20 under $20




How to Find Clean Beauty Products at Target


There’s a natural beauty section online and in store, so I can just buy all those products without worry, right?! WRONG! Keep reading to find out how you may run into toxic products in disguise as clean beauty. 


Be wary of products that may be greenwashing you

There are several brands and companies that try to appear clean that just aren’t. This is referred to as greenwashing, where they make false or empty claims, that have no evidence to back them up. Don’t think just because a product says Organic or Vegan or Cruelty Free, that it is 100% free from toxins. Which brings me to point number two…

Greenwashing is products that claim to be “all natural”, but are actually quite far from it!



Review the ingredients list

Can’t pronounce it? Probably not so great. Has one of the Dirty Dozen ingredients that can cause hormone disruption? Leave it on the shelf baby! You can also download this quick PDF from EWG Skin Deep and save it to your phone for reference.

EWG’s Personal Care Guide you can download for free and reference. See link below.


Use an app

You’ve heard me talk about Think Dirty before, you can download the app here and scan your little heart out to determine what ingredients are good versus those you may want to pass. EWG Skin Deep also has an app that you can use to research products. Both are great and very well researched to help you educate yourself on what ingredients you’d like to avoid in particular. 

Think Dirty allows you to scan a product in store and see what ingredients could be of concern.


Leverage filters if shopping online

Target’s website has recently been updated to include filters for natural beauty products. From there you can drill down to eliminate products that are free from nearly all of the bad stuff. You’ll see a pattern reoccurring with top brands like W3LL People, Pacifica, SW Basics that you know have high standards when it comes to clean beauty and can trust their products.

Target’s website allows you to search for products that are made without “priority chemicals”.



Trust, but verify

Some brands, like those mentioned above, are consistently clean, but others have a few products that are non-toxic and others that do use ingredients you may want to avoid. If you aren’t familiar with a product or a brand, refer to the list above to ensure that everything you are about to purchase aligns with what you are looking for. 




 Products and Brands That Look Clean, But Are NOT



Pixi is a brand that I see at Target a lot and shows up within the “Natural Beauty” filter on their website as well. There are a select few of their products (such as the Succulent Lip Twin) that are non-toxic and rate pretty low via Think Dirty, but most of their other makeup products range from 5+ on Think Dirty with ingredients like Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, a known carcinogen, and Benxophenone, a chemical that causes reproductive toxicity. Be wary of this brand and do your research before purchasing. 



Physician’s Formula

This brand is hit or miss. Physican’s Formula definitely has a handful of products that rank really low on Think Dirty and are safe to use. Even their mascara is clean and ranks only a 3 which is incredibly good for mascara in terms of non-toxic formulas. 

There are also products from this same brand that are of more concern. Several of their powders contain talc, methylparaben, and propylparabens


Still having troubles determining if a product is clean or not…message me directly or comment below and I’ll try to help! What other clean beauty products have you found at your local Target and are absolutely loving?