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Gift Ideas for everyone on your list, at any budget! 


Happy { almost } Holidays, beauties! Last year I posted 30 gift ideas for the clean beauty besties, fam members, loved ones, and others in your life…and to be honest, nearly all of those are still on the top of my personal list as well as products that are still highly recommended. In addition, I always suggest taking a peak at my fave makeup, hair and body, facial cleansers, and wellness products lists that are perfect for gifts year round. For 2019, however, I wanted to provide an updated list based on budget. Here are plenty of gift ideas at any price range for those on this year’s list.

Happy shopping, cuties! Xoxo



Keep scrolling to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list (including a few ideas to treat yourself as well). Don’t like to scroll? Click the links below to jump right to the section you want to browse.



Gifts for $25 and under 

Verty CBD Infused Lip Balm ( $22 ) — This trendy product packs a major punch…infused with CBD oil, which is a powerful skincare ingredient that will leave chapped winter lips a distant memory. It’s the perfect addition to any bag as it can be used to soften dry cuticles and skin elsewhere too. 


Osmia Milky Rose Soap ( $18 ) — Osmia brand offers SO many amazing scents of handmade soap, and Milky Rose just happens to be one of my faves. Hand select a different scent for each person on your list, without breaking the bank. This one in particular is fabulous for a feminine scent, and extra rich and luxurious lather. 




Bright Eyes Mask ( $7 ) — 100% Pure offers eye masks that are highly caffeinated to brighten, de-puff, and smooth under eyes. The mask can be used multiple times and is even more effective when cooled in the fridge for a few minutes prior to use. The ultimate self-care for you and your bestie!  





Gifts for $50 and under 

Credo Discovery Set ( $45 ) –The perfect way to introduce clean beauty newbies to some amaze products which includes: a luxurious moisturizer, booty mask, beauty oil, lipstick, natural deodorant, SPF lip and face stick. Over $100 value, for less than $50?! I call that a wine..I mean win 😉 


Indie Lee Discovery Kit ( $29 ) — This is a brand that I am absolutely in love with…you’ve probably seen me post about it, as I use several of their products daily. This is the best way to discover how amazing Indie Lee is and see the difference it can make in your skin. Pro tip…buy 2 so you can gift one to yourself! 


Ursa Major Travel Essentials Kit ( $50 ) — Valued well over the purchase price, this unisex kit is perfect for the travel enthusiast who is never sitting still. The collection includes carry-on approved facial cleanser, moisturizer, balm, cleansing wipes, deodorant, and toner, so they can remember you no mater how far away their adventures take them. 


Beautycounter Kids Bath Collection ( $45 ) — This is the perfect gift for the tiny, but still, Naturally Glamorous babes in your life. Clean beauty products for kids are especially important and these are the perfect addition to bath time to ensure it’s a toxic-free experience year round. 




Gifts for $75 and under 

Limited Edition Winter Rose Resurfacing Mask ( $62 ) — If you’ve tried Tata’s Resurfacing Mask, you know how good it is! This is her limited edition scent, Winter Rose, which offers the same luxurious properties as the original version, but with the essential oils from 18 roses! Gift this to someone who is truly deserving of some extra pampering. 

Ultimate Men’s Anti-Aging Routine ( $75 ) — Brickell has quickly become my husband’s go to skincare brand after I bought him their FREE sample kit (which is also a fab gift idea by the way). This is the full size versions of his favorite skincare products…the anti-aging cream and eye balm. He loves taking care of his skin and having a nightly routine like me. 



Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel ( $58 ) — Stop everything you are doing and buy this NOW! You will not regret it….trust, girl, trust. Buy this for everyone you know and absolutely add an extra one for yourself. I refuse to have any less than two on hand at any given point because I love it so much and it has literally transformed my skin. Not to mention the brand and company is spectacular! Thee perfect gift for anyone. 



Gifts for $100 and under 


RMS Luminizer Holiday Gift Set ( $86 ) — A limited edition gift set that includes 3 full size luminizing creams + a retractable application brush. The easiest way to show someone how much light they bring to your life all year round. 


Organifi Green Juice PLUS Red Juice Bundle ( $125.92 ) — Okay, this one is a little outside of the budget, but hear me out! Not only is this bundle already in the Christmas spirit with the red and green color, but also my promo code NATASHA15 gets this down much closer to $107. Give the gift of health and wellness to someone you love. 



Well, there you have it! The complete guide to everyone on your list, without breaking the bank or adding any unnecessary chemicals into your loved ones home. What gifts will you be purchasing this year for friends and family members?

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