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What exactly are adaptogens?


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Adaptogens are essentially natural healers. These herbal remedies typically consist of one or more herbal substances with the purpose to achieve a more stable mental and physical state. The plant-based materials can help alleviate stress, combat illness, fight fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and so much more.


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In recent years, we’ve seen adaptogens being incorporated in everything from lattes (see recipe to my favorite adaptogenic latte here) to elixirs, and is currently considered somewhat trendy to do so. You may have heard of brands like Moon Juice and Sun Potion which are dominating the current market, but don’t let a trend convince you to try adaptogens. These babies have been around for centuries and are used in many types of healing potions and for very good reasons! So, what are some specific types of adaptogens and how can you incorporate them into your daily diet? Keep reading to find out more…


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10 Adaptogenic Herbs You Should Know.


Ashwagandha: One of the most popular adaptogenic herbs for physical and mental health. Perfect for stress relief, this powerful herb has proven its ability to lower cortisol levels and balance thyroid hormones. It’s well known for creating balance in the body and mind, as well as preventing degenerative diseases. Read more here.

Try pure ashwagandha powder mixed in with your favorite smoothie or mix Brain Dust into almond mylk for a calming and immune-boosting powers. 

Moon Juice Ashwagandha Powder


Chaga: Also known as the “King of Medicinal Mushrooms”, this herb is most commonly found in tea form and has many health benefits. Think anti-aging, skin elasticity, blood pressure regulation, immune system regulator, and cancer fighter.

See if chaga is right for you via Mushroom Mocha Mix or take in capsule form

Superfood Blend Capsules


Cordyceps: Perfect for performance that can help maintain steady energy levels. Cordycep mushrooms are quite rare and is actually a type of fungus that can act like natural cancer treatments. Most commonly used for fatigue and low energy, this herb is worth learning more if this sounds like you. 

Check out cordyceps via this Hot Cacao Elixir or Power Dust which is also known as “edible energy”. 

Moon Juice Power Dust


Lion’s Mane: Have you ever suffered from brain fog, or just feel like you need some additional clarity? Well then, lion’s mane is for you! The components of this powerful mushroom have the ability to regenerate and protect brain tissue. It can also be beneficial for those struggling with anxiety and depression. 

Try lion’s mane via Mushroom Elixir Mix or mix a teaspoon of this Soma Elixir into beverage of choice daily. 

Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane Elixir


Maca: A nutrient-dense root known for its ability to increase energy, endurance, mood, sexual libido, and more! Be conscious of the fact that maca balances estrogen levels and can boost male fertility as well. Hubba, hubba!

Consume maca in powder form mixed with smoothies or mix this Green Dream powder into any meal. 

Philosophie Green Dream


Milk Thistle: Incredibly good at supporting your liver, milk thistle has also been known to help protect against cancer, prevent and control diabetes, and has anti-aging effects. Perfect for a detox after an indulging weekend, milk thistle consumption will get your body back to peak performance. 

My favorite was to consume milk thistle is via a Cold-Pressed Detox Juice I get at my local store. 

Juice Journey Daily Detox Cold-Pressed Juice


Moringa: Plant power to the max can be found in moringa. Vitamins B, C, D, and E, as well as magnesium, protein, and amino acids work together to stabilize blood pressure. Moringa is known as a “Miracle Leaf” that can also strengthen digestion. 

Most commonly served as a tea, this can also be mixed into soups or baked goods in it’s powder form

Sun Potion Moringa Powder


Reishi: Queen Healer Mushroom is perfect for beauty, balance, and strength. Reishi is best consumed before bed for a calming and restful sleep. A major stress-fighter, the reishi mushroom is here to stay in the adaptogenic world of herbs. 

Try Spirit Dust or mix into soups or with raw cacao via its powder form

Moon Juice Spirit Dust


Rhodiola: Tackle your inability to focus with this herb that helps your brain absorb oxygen. This vibrant nourishment can lead to mental clarity, creativity, and stamina when consumed daily. 

Mix the recommended amount into water and drink. 

Sun Potion Rhodiola Powder


Royal Jelly: Although there is some debate in regards to this being an adaptogen versus a nootropic (more on that later) there’s virtually no debate on how powerful this formula is at enhancing memory, performance, and cognition. Royal jelly is the exclusive food of the queen bee and she lives 40 times longer than the average worker bee! Obvi seems like something worth trying. #Beyonce.

Take a shot of BLXR to get your daily dose of Royal Jelly. 

Beekeeper’s Naturals BLXR



Naturally Glam Suggestions


Remember to start small when it comes to trying adaptogens for the first time. Do your research and always make sure the products are high quality. Those mentioned above are ones I know and trust. Less is more when it comes to trying for the first time. Listen to your body and do what feels good. Comment below if you have another favorite product or brand you think we should know about! 

Stay beautiful, darlings!




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