Welcome beauty,

I’m Natasha, founder of Naturally Glamorous. If we haven’t met before, hello new friend…and if we have met before, hey girl, hey!

Like any Type A personality, I began this journey after reading an article, becoming terrified, and throwing away nearly all of my cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and anything else I was putting on my body or coming in contact with on a daily basis (more on that later). Unfortunately for my husband, this meant all of his products went along with it. Much to his surprise he arrived home one evening to a shower with no shampoo, conditioner, or body wash to use. I promptly reassured him that it was for the best as he was slathering toxic and paraben-filled products that were absolutely no good on his largest organ. I simply explained that these types of products could no longer be a part of my life and that meant his as well. Needless to say, he was supportive, but needed some convincing.

Now, I don’t necessarily recommend this method to everyone, as it can be quite overwhelming, to say the least. However, that is part of the reason I wanted to create this space in the first place. The other reason stems from¬†feeling so defeated hearing about several of my friends and family being affected by the dreaded “c” word; cancer. It seemed that nearly everyone was being touched by this in some way and it made me wonder why. Why now? Was it always like this? Have I just not been paying attention and suddenly it just seems more real? What is the reason behind so many good people suddenly suffering because of this, and what can I do to help others and myself understand these reasons. I’ve been fortunate enough to have my health up until this point and wanted to educate myself to understand what every day actions I could take to minimize the effect these chemicals had on my body.

These two factors have led me to Naturally Glamorous. The goal is to explore a journey towards a more toxic-free lifestyle. I wanted to create a positive and energizing space that explores products, ideas, stories, and more for wellness focused glam-babes who don’t want to have to go through the vetting process to confirm a beauty product is clean, organic, paraben-free, etc.¬†What makes Naturally Glamorous different, is having all this goodness in one place! Currently, I consult about 10+ sites to research, confirm, and search for true non-toxic products. I’m striving to build a place where my subscribers can have confidence in finding the newest revelations without doing that. I’m just a girl from Iowa, living in NYC, trying to do my best at keeping it real, and learning along the way. Won’t you join me, please?

You’ll hear me refer to this as a journey, as I truly believe that’s what this is. I mean, let’s face it, I’m never going to be that girl that says, “no thanks, a cupcake doesn’t sound good” or “oh! no thank you, no champagne for me please”–that’s just not a realistic way for me to live, but it’s about a journey towards happiness, contentment, and feeling good about the choices you make, whether they are 100% always good for you or not. This is a journey to try my best to live my best life and I hope I can inspire you to live yours too! Because you’re pretty, you’re enough, and you can do this, gorgeous!